Interior work


Main living area at the Brew House

I’ve been photographing a lot of property lately, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to put some up on the site. The image above is of the main living area in one of the flats at the Royal William yard here in Plymouth. The room is huge and to get this final image took thirty individually lit pictures, which were then re-combined in Photoshop to produce the finished product.

Part of the joy in being a photographer is going to different places and seeing behind closed doors, so getting to take pictures of this luxury flat was great.

Main living area at the Brew House

Main wet room at the Brew House

Main living area at the Brew House

Main Kitchen area at the Brew House

The Flat has a contemporary open plan living area and kitchen, it has to be one of the biggest single room spaces I’ve been in.

Brew House bedroom
Brew House master bedroom

Brew House dining area



Photomontage of girl in a wheat field.

Photomontage is one of those techniques that I dabbled with back in the day. Many hours in the darkroom printing then cutting out and sticking together, before re-photographing and maybe the odd bit of painting to hide the joins.

Roll forward a few years, add Photoshop and Deviantart is awash with photographic manipulation! I have to say I enjoy mixing images together as much now as I did back in my college years.

For those of you out there who have no idea what Deviantart is, it’s a place where artist’s amateur and professional can showcase their art and idea’s and is well worth a look.

Siren, photomanipulation of girl on foreshore.These are just a few of the images I’ve worked up over the last year, I have two Deviantart ID’s for my work.


These images and others can be viewed here.


My professional showcase is here.