Quadcopter flying


TBS Discovery quadcopter

At the beginning of the year I got hold of a Team Black Sheep Discovery, its a ‘big boys toy’. Multi-rotor heli platforms are becoming very popular for filming on a professional and recreational level. I’d looked at a few different models before settling on the Disco, there loads of varietions on the theme most aimed at getting a Gopro in the air. Although more expensive options are available for putting larger cameras (compacts and DSLR’s) skyward. In the end it was the FPV ( first person view) aspect that clinched the deal for me. Along side the Gopro sits a small camera that with the use of an LCD monitor or a video headset allows you to fly the model as if you’re in the cockpit.

As I said really it’s a ‘Big boys toy’ great fun to fly and a rather inexpensive way to get airborne if you look at the cost of a private pilots licence.


For more information about Team Black Sheep go here.

Microlight and Gopro

Charlotte got me one of those experience vouchers as a Christmas present last year, and I finally got around to using it a couple weeks back.

We’d picked up a Gopro for filming our skiing trips and this seemed like an excellent opportunity¬†to use it. So if you have a spare thirty minutes you can watch my flight, or just skip to around 23 minutes in as the pilot fly’s low over some fields (Really Low!).